Bloxxchain game idea

Bloxxchain is very easy game to learn, but don't be tricked: it is also challenging. Lay a puzzle without dropping pieces in an unordered fashion. The goal is to reach as much points in a single player mode. In the multiplayer mode people are playing against each other.

How to get Atheios

Bloxxchain is based on the Atheios blockchain, which means You need the Atheios coin in order to play it. Where can You get Atheios?

You can buy Atheios on exchanges like Graviex or STEX

Want to know more about Atheios? Check out the following link:

Atheios blockchain

How to start and win

Easy... Register Youself. This will create a free account which gives You free access to the Atheios blockchain.With Atheios access You can create bloxxchain games and also get the reward from the games. Can I play for free without Atheios? Not anymore...

We have now introduced 3 leagues: brons, silver and gold. With brons a game will cost You 1 ATH, with silver 5 ATH, with gold 10 ATH. Each league will have a certain collection periode, after that is payout. 40% goes to the first one in each league, 20% to the second, and 10% to the third. The remaining 30% go to game development. Current scheduled payout is once a week. So Your mission is to get Youself on the top of respective league until payout.